Sex Life Affected By Sleep Apnea

added on: August 8, 2014

It’s not unusual for couples to be too tired for sex some nights. However, for more than 12 million Americans who suffer with Sleep Apnea, disrupted sleep creates a much more complicated obstacle to being up for sex.

Feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day are typical symptoms of Sleep Apnea, and can lead to weight gain and depression. Yet, a sex hormone is boosted with sound REM sleep but drops when insufficient sleep occurs.

A recent study compared 80 women with Sleep Apnea to 240 women (all under 65 years old) without Sleep Apnea. The findings showed that Sleep Apnea sufferers had dramatically higher rates of sexual dysfunction.

An earlier study included over 400 men who sought treatment for suspected sleep apnea. Of those who were diagnosed with the condition, nearly 70% had erectile dysfunction compared with 34% for men without Sleep Apnea.

The good news? Patients who undergo surgery to correct facial abnormalities that contribute to apnea see improvements in intimacy and those who start CPAP therapy also reported an increase in sexual relationships. The not-so-great news? Only about 22% of those who are prescribed with CPAP are consistent users.

Many CPAP patients complain about discomfort, feeling encumbered and are bothered by the noise (as are many mates). The solution for those with mild to moderate Sleep Apnea may be an FDA approved, comfortable oral appliance worn during sleep. This small device slightly adjusts the position of the lower jaw so your airway is less constricted. Through this therapy, many can forego the need for CPAP therapy and enjoy restored sound sleep.

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