Sleeping Problems are Nothing To Yawn About!

added on: December 16, 2009

If you’re not getting a sufficient amount of sleep, the end results have significant physical and mental consequences.

“As a dentist, I am concerned that many adults never associate teeth grinding and nighttime clenching with sleep deprivation,” states Dr. Barbat.For most humans, eight hours of sleep is the ideal. When sleep time is sacrificed or interrupted on a regular basis, the losses are devastating. Sleep loss has been calculated at 90 billion dollars a year due to absenteeism, car accidents, lost productivity, and medications.

As little as six hours of sleep per night can result in some serious problems, such as:

* Problems with memory or concentration* Irritability* More susceptibility to infectionSleep loss related to clenching or grinding teeth can often be easily resolved. Dr. Barbat creates a custom-fitted mouthpiece that is small, comfortable, and prevents clenching and grinding. If you are losing sleep, or feel clenching or grinding may be a problem for you (or a mate), call our Shelby Township Cosmetic Dentist Office at (586) 739-2155 to discuss this concern.

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