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added on: December 17, 2009

These days, it’s not unusual for Darlene to be complimented on her smile, even by strangers.

“I smile all the time now!”she states, which is something she rarely did before finding Dr. Ban Barbat.Like many baby boomers, Darlene remembers dental visits in her youth being much different from today’s care. “When I was young and had a toothache, they just pulled the tooth,”she explains. With soft enamel, keeping healthy teeth was a particular challenge. Having little confidence in her dentist of 20 years, she also admits that dental check-ups were not as regular as they should have been. Because he “did an okay job”, Darleneremained in his care while never feeling good about her smile.

After raising children and caring for her mother during an illness, Darlene decided it was her turn.

“My husband has nice teeth,” she says, “and I always felt people were looking at my teeth because they were yellow and had so many gaps.” She initially researched options to whiten her teeth, checking with several dental offices. From another dentist’s recommendation and being familiar with Dr. Barbat through the newspaper, Darlenedecided to make an appointment. Upon meeting Dr. Barbat, Darlene immediately felt positive about this new environment for dental care. After a thorough examination, they discussed whitening as well as other options to restore Darlene’s smile to good health. After learning she could recreate her smile and restore her mouth to optimal health, she became enthusiastic about proceeding.Darlene added oral sedation to have more done at fewer visits. In two appointments, her entire mouth was treated without leaving her feeling fatigued. For a highly natural look, Dr. Barbat used porcelain restorations (crowns), which provide exceptional durability and help protect the naturaltooth. Dr. Barbat also used porcelain bridges to replace missing back teeth for restored stability and function.When her treatment was complete, Darlene looked in the mirror. “I started crying and then Dr. Barbat started crying, too!”shares Darlene. “I was in awe that my smile was so beautiful! “ Darlene feels everyone made her feel so welcome and pampered. “There, you don’t really feel like you’re in a dental office.”She also describes Dr. Barbat’s care versus dental experiences of her past, “She wants to make sure you’ve gotten the best results andare happy. I’m so glad I did it.”With a flattering smile, Darlene especially enjoys wearing lipstick. “I never wore lipstick before and now I wear it all the time!” And, she has a renewed dedication to her oral health. Before, she didn’t realize crowned teeth need diligent care and was surprised when her gums bleed. With Dr.Barbat’s commitment to helping patients maintain good oral health and avoid repair, she now admits, “I’ll never miss another appointment!”Dr. Barbat states,“Hygiene visits help patients keep their teeth and gums healthy. When a person has achieved appearance goals for their smile, it’s important to be proactive when it comes to oral health. This is why Darlene’s preventive appointments are more frequent than every six months. This helps her enjoy a beautiful smile and healthy mouth at the same time.”Darlene agrees, “It’s the best thing I ever did! My smile is gorgeous!”To discuss smile enhancement or tooth replacement with Dr. Barbat at her Metro Detroit Cosmetic Dentist Office, call to arrange a consultation or ask at your next visit. “It’s the best thing I ever did!” NOW!

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