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added on: June 2, 2022

As a cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist in Shelby Township MI, I recently saw a patient who had a smile makeover last year. Not only did she look terrific, she shared with me her new outlook on life in general. “I not only smile more, I find myself actually looking for reasons to smile at others, even strangers! That’s how proud I am of my smile!”

When you feel confident about how your smile looks, you want to share the joy of it with everyone. And, that’s a good thing for you in ways that may surprise you. Studies have shown that smiling can actually have a positive effect on far more than facial appearance.

Findings show that the mere act of smiling gives a boost to one’s mood. Apparently, the brain reacts to smiling by releasing endorphins, the ‘natural high’ chemicals that make us happy. Even ‘faking’ a smile seems to prompt this reaction, according to researchers.

People who smile often have also been found to live longer lives, have improved moods, and project more upbeat personalities. And, a smile lifts facial muscles and smooths out wrinkles around the mouth, providing an instant facelift, of sorts!

Whether or not the goal is to improve facial appearance through cosmetic dentistry, a beautiful smile tends to say much about the person both inside and out. Studies have shown that people who smile more are perceived as more confident, more content, more successful, more outgoing, more youthful, thinner and more attractive. (

I’ve witnessed it over and over – improving a smile’s appearance extends far beyond what can be seen in the mirror. It has an “inside” effect that is able to boost self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall projection of a happy person.

Today’s cosmetic dentistry can beautifully correct crooked, gapped, broken, uneven and discolored teeth with a natural look and feel. For over 25 years, I have recreated smiles for hundreds of patients who say the investment was the best one they’ve ever made. Visit our Smile Gallery at: Smile Gallery

If this is what you’re seeking, what is holding you back from achieving your goal?

If it’s time in treatment…
People are often surprised that many esthetic treatments can be completed in just one or two visits. And, as with all procedures in our office, comfort is a high priority. For those who desire, we make oral or IV sedation available. This allows patients to relax throughout long procedures with a quick recovery. This way, two or three appointments can often be combined so patients can complete their treatment in an efficient timespan.

Our advanced technology is also an advantage to patients’ treatment times. These features help us to minimize the time needed for treatment, enhance comfort, and often speed healing. Learn more at: Advanced Technology

If it’s cost…
The treatment fees for cosmetic dental procedures are not inexpensive, especially considering the number of teeth typically involved in smile makeovers. Yet, the skills, techniques, technology and materials utilized to create a natural look and feel can make a significant difference from one office to another.

While our Macomb County dental office is not the most pricey, we enjoy a reputation for “WOW” results for a “well worth it” fee. The appearance of your smile is no place to allow a cheaper price to determine whose hands you’ll entrust the outcome. Going with a bargain. because it is a bargain can be a disaster.

Over the years, I’ve seen (and repaired) smile for people who opted for discounted rates for porcelain crowns, bridges, veneers, and dental implant ‘restorations’ (replacement teeth). When a smile line is “off” or a smile has the look of ‘fake’ teeth, the individual is left feeling even more unhappy with the appearance of their smile the sense that their investment was wasted – and now must be done over (thus, more time, more money, etc.)

Here, our patients know they’ll get the smile they always wanted with the look, feel, function and longevity that meets the highest standards in cosmetic dentistry. If cost is an obstacle, our Financial Coordinator can set up interest-free payment plans that require no down payment in most cases. This means that patients can enjoy their new smile while making manageable monthly payments that are budget-friendly.

If it’s worry over the investment’s lifespan…
Once your dental plan is finalized, scheduled, and budgeted, some people are left with lingering concerns about the life of their investment. Using extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, neuromuscular dentistry, and implant dentistry, treatment results should provide exceptional outcomes for many years of joyful smiles. We combine proper bite alignment with smile results that have the sheen and luminosity of “real” teeth and use one of the most renowned dental labs in the country. Like us, these professionals are committed to techniques for the most natural look and the finest materials, creating results that last a long time and look fabulous!

If it’s dental fear or anxiety…
Although dental fears vary in severity, it takes a special environment to help those affected to set aside this common obstacle to achieving a beautiful, healthy smile. We have a long-standing reputation for a gentle touch and providing an environment to help people relax and even release these fears for good. In addition to offering oral and I.V. sedation (twilight sleep), we provide advanced comfort features and advanced technology that enhances patient comfort while minimizing treatment time.

If fear of dentistry is keeping you from the regular care and treatment that will create a fabulous smile, begin with our Guide For The Fearful Dental Patient. This downloadable guide contains practical tips to help move you through common fear triggers so you can go forward at a realistic pace for you.

I am also a highly-trained neuromuscular dentist. When cosmetic dentistry is not performed with the advantages of neuromuscular dentistry, what is at risk is your bite misalignment – and the potential for future problems. A neuromuscular dentist can incorporate the proper alignment of teeth in order to eliminate stress or strain to the TMJ, or jaw joints.

When the jaw joints are not working harmoniously, it can lead to frequent headaches; migraines; ear ringing; vertigo; night-time teeth clenching and grinding; chipped, worn or cracked teeth; sore facial muscles; difficulty opening the mouth fully; jaw joint popping; achy neck and/or shoulder muscles; and tingling in the arms or fingers.

Obviously, the reasons to go forward to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile are many. What is holding you back? It won’t cost you a thing to discuss your smile and ways we can create the smile you’ve always imagined.

Call 586-739-2155 to schedule or tap here for a no-charge consultation. During this time, I’ll make suggestions for your smile goals and answer your questions in a private setting. In the meantime, I hope you’ll get to know WHY I am so committed to each patient’s smile by viewing: Dr. Barbat Shares Her Passion

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