Why Opt For Dental Implants?

added on: May 18, 2022

Every day, people must make decisions based on what is best for their needs and goals. Although some of these decisions affect only short-term situations (such as choosing to plant geraniums rather than begonias), others have more of a lasting impact.

We typically recommend dental implants for patients who are missing natural teeth (or facing tooth removal). Our recommendations are not because of one reason, but for many. For over 50 years, this ideal tooth replacement option has shown itself to be the closest thing to natural teeth. No other option provides such exceptional results in the look, feel, longevity and function of “real” teeth.

Our Shelby Twp dental office is such a proponent of dental implants that we have structured our dental practice to provide all phases of implant dentistry. From treatment planning to implant placement to the restoration of the final “restorations” (replacement crowns, bridges or full arches).

In the diagnostic process, we utilize some of dentistry’s most advanced imaging technology for computerized support, such as Cone Beam 3D imaging. For precise and delicate treatment of gum tissues, we also incorporate the use of a dental laser.

This advanced dental technology aids in proper diagnosis and often minimizes treatment and the appointment time needed. Additionally, the laser reduces intrusion of gum tissues and can simultaneously seal tissues to minimize (or eliminate) bleeding while speeding the healing process.

Below are some of the reasons dental implants are such a wise decision…

• Dental implants offer a lifetime solution – When properly selected and placed, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. Of course, this requires a commitment on the part of the patient, who must be committed to proper at-home oral hygiene and maintaining regular dental check-ups. And, whether the patient is 28 or 88, dental implants restore the confidence of knowing they can eat, laugh and even sneeze without worry!

• Dental implants are beneficial for neighboring teeth – Although each natural tooth seems to “stand alone”, individually, they provide support for the teeth on each side and the one above or below. This helps to keep teeth in their proper positions. However, an implant provides much more that you can’t see. Below the gums, the natural teeth once present were anchored into the jaw bone by its tooth roots. Without those roots, the bone begins to decline in mass. This creates a lesser foundation for adjacent tooth roots. With dental implants, however, the stimulation provided to the bone by the implanted portion helps to retain bone mass. And, because teeth supported by implants do not rely on the support of crowned (or ‘capped’) teeth on both sides, the integrity of adjacent teeth is preserved.

• Dental implants recreate biting and chewing stability – As addressed above, dental implants are anchored by the jaw bone, just as natural tooth roots were once held. This restores the stability needed to eat a diet of foods that are fresh, healthy, fibrous, and chewy. People who wear dentures and partials often forgo foods they once savored such as thick bagels, corn on the cob, fresh apples, thick steak, etc. Dental implants help patients get back to a nutritious and delicious diet, which can be thoroughly chewed (enhancing digestion).

• Dental implants provide optimal comfort – When dentures or partials move, even slightly, they can rub sore spots on tender gum tissues. Even seeds that get caught between the gums and denture base can be “piercing” into the gums. Dental implants do not sit on top of the gums for support. Therefore, gum health is protected to a far greater extent.

• Dental implants are a one-&-done expense – Unlike crowns & bridges, dentures or partials, dental implants will not need replacing or repair. A dental implant will not break, develop a cavity, require periodic “relines”, or need a root canal. Made of titanium, a dental implant will last as long as you do without requiring the upkeep of other types of restorative options.

As a neuromuscular dentist, I have advanced training to incorporate proper bite alignment into our patients’ dental implant treatment. These skills provide optimal alignment of restorations to help patients avoid potential problems that can result in the future. And, my reputation for comfort is widespread.

Our Shelby Township dental office offers both oral and IV sedation (“twilight sleep”) for many procedures. These sedatives are especially helpful for patients who have dental fear or want to combine several appointments into one long one. These are safely administered by trained team members with patients closely monitored by advanced safety equipment.

From tooth removal to placement of the final porcelain restorations, we transform smiles to the highest standards of implant dentistry possible. We are committed to providing each patient with the same care we would want for ourselves and our loved ones. We believe each smile is a reflection of the terrific person inside, which deserves the ultimate care!

To arrange a free consultation to discuss your smile, for dental implants or any dental treatment, call 586-739-2155 or tap here to begin.

You may also want to view a brief video on dental implants or to learn more about our advanced technology as well as comfort options. I hope to meet you soon!

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