Why Dental Implants Are The Preferred Tooth Replacement

added on: December 5, 2022

For adults who lose natural teeth, replacing them can be done several ways. Depending on how many are lost, and their location, the options may include:
• Crown & Bridge

• Dental Implants

• Partial Dentures

• Full Dentures (when missing all upper or lower teeth)

Although we offer all options in tooth replacement, dental implants are most always advised.

A dentist understands the advantages of dental implants, both current and long-term. We are able to assess a patient’s potential for having a lasting result (through dental implants) or facing periodic repairs (due to the lifespan of other options).

Below are some of the reasons I urge our patients to opt for dental implants in most cases of tooth replacement.

-RESTORATION OF NATURAL EATING STABILITY: Because the implanted portion of dental implants is positioned in the jaw bone, this provides the attached teeth with the same biting and chewing strength as with natural teeth. This gives the ability to bite and chew foods that a denture or partial may lack the stability to handle.

-ABILITY TO PROTECT THE WELL-BEING OF ADJACENT TEETH: The advantage of dental implants is also in how they help to protect and preserve surrounding teeth. For example, replacing a lost tooth helps to keep the teeth on either side and the one above (or below) in their proper positions. Without each neighboring tooth, a tooth can begin to tilt or turn. When this occurs, the alignment of the bite can be compromised. During speaking or eating, upper and lower teeth can “hit” one another, which can lead to chips, fractures, cracks and breaks.

-ABILITY TO PROTECT NEUROMUSCULAR INTEGRITY: As a neuromuscular dentist, I am uniquely trained to consider the connecting structures that comprise the functions of teeth. When a partial becomes unstable due to a shrinking “ridge” height, facial muscles, jaw joints, nerves and muscles (including face, neck and shoulder) can be affected. When you hear of someone who has sore jaw joints, frequent headaches or ear ringing, these can indicate the extended repercussions of “malocclusion”.

-LONGEVITY: Dental implants (the segment that’s implanted into the bone) is made of titanium. Because of its biological-compatibility, this Nasa-developed metal has been successfully used in medical devices. Once placed in the bone, the jaw bone accepts it and the bone grows around it, incorporating it as part of the bone. Thus, its lifespan is your lifespan. With proper care, a lifetime can (and should) last your lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, this means that the implant will not decay, need a root canal or break.

-VALUE: As mentioned above, dental implants can last a lifetime. There are few things that are so durable and dependable. Although the upfront costs are often higher than other options, over time, they are typically a better investment. Too, many people learn about the cost of one dental implants and assume they will need an implant for each missing tooth. This is often a higher calculation of cost than is the case. Because implant treatment costs are largely based on the number of implants required, the reality may be that only one or two implants are needed, which can support several teeth. Even for people who are missing a full arch of teeth may learn that 6 or 8 strategically-placed implants can support it dependably.

Of course, there are some risks with dental implants. Yet, when selected and placed with precision, comfort and convenience, patients have lesser risks with optimal results.Implant and attachment

Here, in our Shelby Township MI dental office, we offer all stages of implants including diagnosis with computerized support, technology that helps in ideal placement (for proper depths and angles to restore sufficient load bearing) and a reputation for providing the top skills and experience  in all procedures.

We also have a long-standing reputation for making comfort a priority for our patients. We provide oral and IV sedation (twilight sleep, or “sleep dentistry”). These are safely administered by trained staff members who use advanced safety monitoring equipment. Your safety is as important to us as is comfort.

Dental implants are the closest thing to the natural look, feel and function of natural teeth. If cost has been a deterrent, our Financial Coordinator has a reputation for helping many patients complete treatment and enjoy their new smile while making affordable, interest-free monthly payments.

You may wish to begin by viewing a brief video on dental implant treatment in our Macomb Co. dental office: DrBarbatDentalImplants

And, get to know our advanced technology at: DrBarbatTechnology

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