Your Teeth – More Important To Your Life Than You May Realize

added on: April 28, 2014

As a dentist, I have devoted a career to helping people HAVE AND KEEP a healthy mouth. This includes having disease-free gum tissues and keeping their natural teeth all their lives. Quite frankly, it’s my goal to help you NOT need me for repairs. However, like other parts of our bodies, things can wear out and accidents can occur.

Your teeth probably get more use than you realize. They bite, chew, help you speak, and even project your personality through your smile. Plus, they keep neighboring teeth in proper position so your bite alignment is in balance. While we are committed to changing the oil and filters in our vehicles on a regular basis, some adults fail to understand the need for regular maintenance and repair of teeth and gums.

People with their natural teeth live, on average, ten years longer than those who are totally edentulous (without natural teeth). They have less gastrointestinal problems, take less medications and are more social. So, when a patient who needs a tooth crowned refuses because it “costs too much” or “my dental insurance won’t cover it,” they put a precious commodity at risk. Once a tooth fractures below the gum line, removal is required.

Recent research of over 15,000 has shown that adults with cardiovascular disease with more teeth and minimal or no bleeding of gums had less risks than those with fewer teeth or periodontal disease. This was shown to be the case even for smokers (current or former) and people under high stress.

If you broke a finger, you surely wouldn’t ask the Doctor to take it off! You would have it repaired because of its importance to your ability to grasp as well as your hand’s appearance. Just because you have four more on your hand, removal wouldn’t be a good reason to lose a finger that can be repaired and continue to be useful.

Each tooth in your mouth plays a part in maintaining a healthy bite and a healthy mouth. Be committed to every tooth! Your heart will thank you for it!

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