Our Smiles Are Blessed In The U.S.A.!

added on: July 3, 2019

Is this a great country, or what?!!!

As challenging as our issues may seem some days in the United States, we must acknowledge – We are truly blessed with access to exemplary health care and standards. This includes unsurpassed dentistry, and Americans can smile proudly.

Below are just a few reasons to smile this 4th of July:

• Exceptional Sanitation Standards – Through modern techniques, guidelines, standards and technology in today’s dentistry, your dental visits are very low-risk when it comes to infection. Your clinical staff are gloved and masked through most procedures. Instruments are heat sterilized. The lines that deliver water spray are monitored for clean flow. Certain instruments even control emission of debris into the air you breathe. You are in a healthy environment when it comes to your dental care.

• Advanced Imaging With Low-Dose Radiation – In some dental offices, ‘bite-wings’ and panorex (jaw-to-jaw) imaging provides excellent x-rays with minimal radiation exposure to patients. Additionally, in our office, we use Cone Beam imaging for diagnosis of certain cases. This technology provides a highly intricate 3D view of structures including skull, teeth, nerve channels, tendons, muscles, sinuses, etc.) while designed for minimal radiation exposure.

• Exceptional Esthetics (Cosmetic Dentistry) – Decades ago, only Hollywood stars had dazzling smiles of beautiful, white teeth. Now, anyone can have a “Hollywood smile!” Whitening of natural teeth is now quick and easy. In our office, Zoom 2 provides a 1-hour whitening with long-lasting results. For those in need of improving the alignment of teeth, ‘invisible’ braces provides a comfortable way to guide teeth into proper positions without the discomfort and awkward appearance of ‘wires-&-brackets’ orthodontics. And, advancements in porcelain materials (veneers and crowns) and dental lab technology can recreate teeth for a natural look, feel, and function.

• Exceptional Comfort – You may have seen an old “Three Stooges” episode where Curly Joe had a toothache with Larry and Moe trying to pull it. Although comical to watch, today’s dental office offers a high degree of patient comfort in ALL procedures. Numbing techniques have been perfected by some dentists so injections are “painless,” which I’m proud to say many of my patients tell me. For people who are very nervous or afraid during dentistry, oral or I.V. sedation is available. Our high-fear patients like that this “twilight sleep” allows them to doze during treatment and has a quick recovery. Our entire environment is designed to relax patients and help them feel “cared for,” because we do!

• Exceptional Tooth Replacement – Americans have access to some of the world’s most advanced methods to replace missing teeth. The preferred option for most – dental implants – is a lifetime solution that replaces one, several, or all teeth. They are held by the jaw bone, which restores the stability and dependability of natural teeth. Our crown-&-bridge combinations offer another option for replacing one or several teeth in one area. These provide a restored smile and secure eating ability. For people who prefer dentures or partials, each is custom-designed in our Shelby Twp dental office for a secure fit with natural appeal. Regardless of the tooth replacement method used, our patients also enjoy the benefits of neuromuscular dentistry for proper bite alignment. This way, the risks for future chipped, broken, or fractured teeth are minimal.

• Exceptional Whole-Health Approach To Dentistry – Research now shows that oral health is intricately connected to our overall health. Oral bacteria has been found to trigger certain reactions in the body that are now linked to a number of serious health problems – from heart disease and stroke to preterm babies. Our relationships with patients are structured so we can support their health goals through achieving and maintaining healthy, confident smiles. Our Shelby Township dental office has always been committed to tailoring the care of each patient for optimal oral well-being.

• Exceptional Value – According to a report submitted by the American Dental Association (ADA), the average American spends over $650 per year, just over $54 per month, on dental care. For adults 65 and older, it’s about $800 annually, on average. That’s no small amount, yet consider that the health and appearance of your smile affects overall health, self-confidence, self-esteem, and a big part of facial appearance. Those factors are so important to our overall sense of well-being that the cost seems to pale in comparison to what we spend monthly on fast food, cable TV, and ‘smart’ phones. For some people, easy monthly payment plans break up treatment fees so they can enjoy the immense benefits of a terrific smile without straining their budget.

However, with all the greatness in dentistry in the U.S., I’d love to see sugar consumption go significantly lower. According to an article in World Atlas (https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/top-sugar-consuming-nations-in-the-world.html), Americans are the top consumers in the world when it comes to sugar. As a dentist who treats all ages, I have a firsthand view of the destructive nature of sugar when it comes to our smiles.

This Independence Day, know your American smile is one that has access to the very best when it comes to its well-being. Use it often and proudly as you enjoy this celebration of all we have in this beautiful country!

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