Root Canals Can Save A Tooth.

added on: October 15, 2018

Ever said, “I’d rather have a root canal than (fill in the blank with something dreaded).”?

Perhaps root canals of yesteryear were deserving of this reputation. However, modern root canals are performed in less time than procedures of the past and with optimal comfort.

Root canals are important since they can prevent the need for removal of a tooth. They are needed when infection is attacking its nerve root system, which is typically accompanied by pain and swelling in the area. This infection can result from a crack in the tooth, a cavity, or an injury.

Each natural tooth has a root or roots. Larger teeth may have three roots while smaller teeth only have one or two root “legs.” To save the tooth, a root canal is done to remove dead nerve tissue and infection inside.

The infection occurs in an interior tunnel of the tooth that holds the its nerve, blood vessels and other soft tissues. Also contained here is the pulp chamber, which runs down a canal in the center of each root branch.

Inside the pulp are nerves that carry signals to the brain, such as when hot or cold has touched the tooth. The pulp also gives resiliency and strength to the tooth by keeping it nourished and hydrated.

Today’s root canals are performed using modern technology and advanced techniques. This means the process requires far less time today than in years past and is performed with optimal precision.

We begin by thoroughly numbing the area around the infected tooth. When you are fully numb, we open a small hole in the top of the tooth to reach the pulp chamber. The infected pulp is removed and the interior canals are cleaned. The repaired tooth is then sealed and a crown is placed to cover and protect the tooth.

Saving a tooth is important since each tooth plays a part above and below the gums. A tooth’s roots are held by the jaw bone, which helps to maintain jaw bone mass while keeping other teeth in their proper positions.

No one “wants” a root canal. However, should you ever need one, you’ll find today’s root canals are nothing like their reputation of yesteryear. Here, root canals are performed quickly and comfortably.

For people who have particular concerns about comfort, oral or I.V. sedation is available. Please feel free to ask about all comfort options. As with every visit, we want your procedure to be a comfortable experience that you find surprisingly pleasant.

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