Futuristic 3D Images Enhance Dental Outcomes

added on: February 19, 2019

Although our patients know us for providing an exceptionally high level of care, including advanced procedures and skills, what takes place behind the scenes is often what makes the biggest difference.

Patients aren’t always aware of the advanced, continuing education courses our team completes, sometimes traveling to different time zones and devoting long days to bring back the very latest, and the very best, to our patients.

Also behind the scenes are the hours of intense research and training to incorporate advanced technology into our office. Carefully chosen to provide patients with the most beneficial features available, we periodically blend new technology and systems into our office based on, ultimately, the good of the patient. To that end, we have carefully investigated and chosen the latest in 3D Cone Beam imaging technology.

We are pleased to announce Planmeca’s advanced system that captures clear, concise and amazing views — at the lowest radiation levels possible. While not necessary for all patients, Cone Beam 3D imaging offers a tremendous advantage to a number of needs.

The advantages of these intricate, concise views are far and beyond what a typical ‘bite wing’ or even Panorex (jaw to jaw) affords. In a single scan, this technology is able to produce three-dimensional (3D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone.

“Cone-beam” describes the way these particular x-ray beams are emitted, shaped liked a cone rather than a fan. The beam scans the head in one pass around the patient, capturing up to 600 images. These images, which include bone as well as soft tissues, are most often generated for:

• ideal assessment of the jaws (for implant placement)

• evaluation of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ)

• review of airway passages

• views of bone structure damage or bone loss

• examination of teeth and facial structures for orthodontic treatment planning

• lower wisdom teeth in proximity to the mandibular (lower jaw) nerve canal

• evaluation of teeth and bone for signs of infections, cysts, or tumors

Here is an excellent example of how significant these views can be: In our training, we were able to precisely locate an infected site of one of our staff members; an area that hadn’t shown up prior on conventional x-ray images. She’d been complaining about the tooth for months and it had been looked at several times but exams or x-rays weren’t showing an issue. The cone beam scan revealed an infection crystal clear in 3D. The next day, the infection was found exactly where the scan showed and treated. This may have prevented the future need for a root canal or even tooth loss.

The unit has an open design so patients avoid feeling claustrophobic during the scanning process. Additionally, cone beam images are “low dose radiation” with no radiation remaining in the body after the scan. It can also capture images that can minimize treatment and may eliminate the need for future x-rays. Our Planmeca unit is also appropriate for children as well as wheelchair accessible.

The Cone Beam 3D technology joins our family of advanced technology and features – all available to make treatment more exact, enhance treatment outcomes, optimizing comfort and reducing treatment needs and time. We look forward to explaining more about this new feature at your next visit! Or, tap here to learn more now.

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